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I just watched "Borderland", an episode in the 4th season of the Star Trek Enterprise series. As the new Star Trek goes, it's pretty good. We get to see Brent Spiner again, there's lots of action, the plot - albeit not too original - is pretty well guided and has good rhythm... And yes, it's the "beyond humanity" theme again. And it's the same old comfortable yet cowardly answer to it again. Let me explain.

Album review: "Gleam" by Etherine / Michael Weeks

Original website:


Album's page on Magnatune.com:


This is the second album by Etherine (real name: Michael Weeks). I've commented upon the first album, "24 Days", in my blog - the overall impression was that "24 Days" is a really good electronica album. "Gleam" continues the tradition.

LinuxWorld Expo 2004 San Francisco

Pictures from the Expo:


Perhaps the previous LinuxWorld Expo events were a bit amateurish, or lacked focus, but not this one. This is probably the first LW Expo "with a theme". We all knew that Linux is here to stay, but perhaps what we weren't told so far was where exactly was going to be the penguin's lair. Thanks to the LWE 2004, we know that now. Ladies and gentlemen users of Linux, welcome to...

The Age of the Datacenter


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