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Massive scalability when querying metrics stored in Graphite

Is your Graphite backend not fast enough for either receiving metrics, or querying, or both? Split it up for a massive performance boost.

multifactor authentication for distributed VPN mesh - part 3, VPN mesh

One VPN server not reliable enough? Create more than one, and connect them together.

multifactor authentication for distributed VPN mesh - part 2, token configuration, local OTP

Running a VPN server with OTP? Thinking to run your own OTP authentication backend, instead of the public backend? This is how to do it.

multifactor authentication for distributed VPN mesh - part 1, server and client configuration, cloud OTP

Building a distributed VPN mesh (multiple VPN servers, authenticating same accounts, having same routing)? Want to give a security boost to authentication? Thinking about multifactor? Here's one of the many architectures that work.

Easy multifactor authentication for SSH using YubiKey NEO tokens

Here's a way to improve the security of your private SSH keys using a cheap smartcard.

Monitoring for the cloud, part 2 - architecture

There's a cornucopia of tools for monitoring cloud infrastructure: Sensu, Graphite, Logstash, Riemann, etc. The very, very good news is that most of these tools speak each other's protocols. This opens up a lot of possibilities: from small setups where some components (e.g. the message queue) are reused, serving many purposes at once, to complex architectures where the various functions are decoupled, there are large amounts of redundancy at various levels, etc.

Monitoring for the cloud, part 1 - tools and techniques

Moving your infrastructure into the cloud, or thinking to do so? Still using old monitoring tools such as Nagios and Munin? There's trouble for you on the horizon. But there are better ways to do monitoring in the cloud - read on to find out.

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